Complete List of National Parks in America by State

This list of national parks in the US is THE ultimate guide, especially if you’re trying to decide which destination to visit next. How many national parks are there in the US? What makes each of the national parks stand out? What attractions can you find in a particular park? Are there accommodations inside the … Continue Reading

Go on a Magical Road Trip on the Enchanted Highway

Known for its quirky roadside attractions, the Enchanted Highway promises to be a great road trip destination. The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota is a 32-mile stretch, extending south from the Gladstone exit on I-94 to Main Street in Regent, North Dakota. This length of road is home to some of the world’s largest scrap … Continue Reading

8 Best Things to Do in North Dakota

With its endless stretches of stunning scenery, the fascinating glimpse into history it provides, and unparalleled raw beauty – there is no shortage of things to do in North Dakota. It’s quite interesting how, despite being an incredible destination for all history and nature lovers, North Dakota still remains one of the least-visited states in … Continue Reading