8 Private Islands You Can Actually Afford to Rent

Private Island Rentals in The US You Won't Believe You Can Afford

Owning an island has always been seen a rich-people thing. But now, thanks to rental sites, budget-conscious travelers can score a private island rental and live out their island dreams without breaking the bank. Some island rentals have nothing but the basics, while others come with housekeepers and water equipment. But they all promise seclusion, … Continue Reading

8 Most Expensive Airbnbs with Jaw-Dropping Views

When you’re planning a vacation, you typically go to Airbnb to find vacation rentals you can afford on a limited budget. It was normal to stay in a room in a house shared by other travelers, along with the amenities. Airbnb has since evolved into a site catering to all types of vacationers. They started … Continue Reading

The 11 Best Hot Springs near Boise

Itching to soak in hot springs near Boise, but can’t decide which one to go to? I understand this dilemma. There are dozens upon dozens of hot springs in Idaho that make choosing just one super challenging. Here, I’m going to showcase some of the best hot springs in the area that we’ve visited (and … Continue Reading

6 Must-Experience Lakes in Virginia

There are over 60 lakes in Virginia, and all of them offer spectacular views and plenty of opportunities for recreational activities. From camping to water sports, hiking, fishing, boating, and simply just stargazing by the water, you’ll be in awe and one with nature no matter if the lake were manmade or not. If you … Continue Reading

14 Best Beaches in Massachusetts to Vacation to

From the North Shore down to Cape Cod, the beaches in Massachusetts are nothing less than spectacular. Whether you’re after sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, or breathtaking lighthouses, Massachusetts’s extensive coastline has something for everyone. Today, we list down the best beaches in Massachusetts to help you plan your next beach holiday. Note: For simplicity, this … Continue Reading

The 12 Best Beaches in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai and is the oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Also known as the “Garden Island,” Kauai is covered in lush rainforests, as well mountaintops, cliffs, and canyons. Within the island are some of the most diverse flora and fauna in Hawaii.¬†Surrounding this natural beauty are spectacular beaches that are relatively pristine. Today, … Continue Reading

12 Awesome Lakes in Oregon + the Cascade Lakes

There are 1,400 named lakes in Oregon! While the state isn’t the land of 10k lakes (that’s Minessota for you), there are a TON of stunning Oregon lakes that it is definitely hard to pick just one. Many of them are man-made and built as a result of damming, but the beauty of the lakes … Continue Reading

7 Cool Utah Caves to Explore in 2021

There are over 25 Utah caves. Some big, others small and just newly discovered. Whether you’re looking for a next spelunking spot or visiting Utah and wanted to do something more adventurous than normal, you have to check these cool caves around the state. 8 Utah Caves for All Ages Many of these caves are … Continue Reading

12 Remarkable Waterfalls in Oklahoma to Go Sightseeing

Oklahoma’s diverse landscape includes rugged mountains, vast plains, lush forests, mighty canyons, sparkling lakes, rushing rivers, and a smattering of gorgeous waterfalls. Here is a collection of waterfalls in Oklahoma to help you plan a memorable vacation. Waterfalls in Northeast Oklahoma Northeast Oklahoma is Green Country: lovely green foliage and rolling hills, home to the … Continue Reading