Manta Ray Night Snorkel in Kona – Was It Scary?

Cover photo is a Scenic States photo from the Georgia Aquarium. The Manta Ray Night Dive/Snorkel off the coast of Kona, Hawaii is certainly a bucket-list attraction.  It has made many lists such as CNN’s 50 Best Dive Sites,  National Geographic’s Top 10 Things To Do In Hawaii, and PADI’s Top 5 Places To Scuba Dive With … Continue Reading

Spending 3 Weeks Visiting California and Hawaii

Wow.  It’s been a while since my last post, but I promise it’s for good reason.  I’ve been traveling on quite a fantastic 20 day adventure through LA and Hawaii (specifically the Big Island and Maui). There truly is so much to see and do throughout the US.  It’s amazing that you can spend almost … Continue Reading