10 Must-Play Wisconsin Golf Courses this Year

Yarning for a relaxing day of golf, maybe in a stunning nature-immersed location? Then you should check out the public golf courses in Wisconsin.

The region is blessed with amazing scenery and great landscape, making Wisconsin home to a number of excellent golf courses.

If you’re not a local and you don’t own membership to any golfing club in the area, do not worry! With the number of golf courses open to the public on the rise, today it’s easier than ever to book a tee time in first-rate golf courses without being a member.

The courses I selected are perfect for out-of-towners and travelers, with plenty of options to choose from without having to commit to a membership.

Budget-Friendly Wisconsin Golf Courses

Don’t let your wallet suffer, with these three golf courses: from $37 to $75, these daily rates are perfect for golfers on a budget and out-of-towners looking for a fun day at an affordable price.

1. University Ridge Golf Course

University Ridge Golf Course
Photo Credit: University Ridge

While being one of the most popular golf courses in the state, University Ridge Golf Course has surprisingly low rates in the low season, with day fees costing as little as $40.

Prices are slightly higher from May to September, but still pretty affordable ($59) if you choose to golf on a Monday or Tuesday.

The course is extremely well kept and the natural surroundings are simply gorgeous.

The landscape of the course was naturally shaped by a glacier, hence the name “ridge”.

When planning the golf course, designers had to work with the natural shape of the land, giving the course a unique feel.

If you want to get an idea of the course before booking a tee time, check out the virtual tour, with pictures and detailed descriptions of each hole, at the official website of the University Ridge Golf Course.

2. Glen Erin Golf Course

Glen Erin
Photo Credit: Glen Erin

At the Glen Erin Golf Course, you can be assured you’re in for a great time, at an affordable price. This is definitely a place where you’ll love to come back over and over.

In fact, this 18-hole golf course has exceptionally low daily rates, with average prices going from $37 on weekdays and $49 during the weekend.

Glen Erin Golf Course is renowned for its Ireland-feel, with bright green hills standing out against the blue sky and a quite challenging layout that won’t leave you disappointed.

Despite the low prices, the course is kept in excellent condition, making this course a great choice for golfers looking for a good deal.

3. The Bull at Pinehurst Farms

Golf the Bull
Photo Credit: The Bull

Booking tee time at The Bull at Pinehurst Farms, you’re in for a fun time.

A bit more expensive than the aforementioned courses, but still offering affordable daily rates, the Bull at Pinehurst Farms is an absolute must-play Wisconsin golf course.

You’ll find the best deals from April to mid-May, and anytime on Monday and Tuesday, with rates going from $60 and $75 for the day.

The Bull at Pinehurst Farms is truly a golf course for professionals, at affordable and entry-level rates.

Designed by the American golfer Jack Nicklaus, the course’s layout starts relaxed with four easily approachable holes, followed by the fifth hole, the highlight of the course, which is arguably one of the top holes in the state.

Service on this course is top tier, with a helpful and knowledgeable staff available on the premises at all times.

The Most Scenic Wisconsin Golf Courses

What about a golf course that combines a smart layout with a breathtaking natural setting?

When it comes to scenic golf courses, Wisconsin goes above and beyond.

Here, I have selected for you three of the most beautiful golf courses in the state. Clubs were going from hole to hole is not merely walking, but enjoying a relaxing stroll immersed in lush nature.

4. Blackwolf Run Golf Course

Blackwolf Run
Photo Credit: Destination Kohler

Set in the River and Meadow Valleys, the natural backdrop of the Blackwolf Run Golf Course will make you feel like you’re golfing in a 19th-century oil painting of the Ireland countryside. Think John Constable, but make it golf.

Rolling hills, deep green vegetation, and small pools of fresh water make up a mesmerizing scenery, and the sunshine filtering through the trees’ leaves will make your golfing experience at the Blackwolf Run course truly memorable.

This is an outstanding golf course, and the prices reflect that, with daily rates per player going from $270 to over $400.

Blackwolf Run Golf Course: make it a weekend with Destination Kholer:

For a superior golfing experience, Destination Kholer offers two all-inclusive packages, the To Dye Four Package and the Champions’ Trail Package, covering everything from accommodation, golf cars, caddies, golf lessons, and much more.

By purchasing one of these two packages, you’ll gain access not only to The River and Meadow Valleys of Blackwolf Run but also to The Straits and Irish of Whistling Straits.

5. The Golf Courses of Lawsonia

Photo Credit: The Golf Courses at Lawsonia

Immersed in the Woodlands, The Golf Courses of Lawsonia is a favorite course for both locals and tourists, who enjoy the location not only for the great golfing but especially for the mesmerizing natural backdrop.

The course, immersed in a deep pine and hardwood forest, often opens on the Green Lake, allowing you to admire the green cliffs and the peaceful lakeshore.

The Woodlands is also loved by the local wildlife, making it possible to view hawks, eagles, badgers, and even whitetail deer.

The daily rate is fairly affordable, with rates going as high as $125. You can get a pretty good deal during the off-season and less popular days and gain access to the course for only $70.

6. The Club at Lac La Belle

The Club at Lac La Belle
Photo Credit: The Club at Lac La Belle

The natural backdrop of The Club at Lac La Belle is one of the most stunning in Wisconsin, especially in the fall, when the lush greenery turns to a shade of red and orange, giving the course a truly enchanting feel.

The Club at Lac La Belle as it is today is the result of a huge renovation work started in 2018, that restructured the course and brought it back to its ancient glory.

The course is fun to play, extremely curated, and well kept, with lush fairways, outstanding fast greens, and challenging putts.

A welcoming and elegant clubhouse is also available on the premises, with ample choice of high-quality food and drinks, even including a signature “La Belle” lager, one of the member’s favorites.

Rates for tee time can vary greatly according to season and day of the week, spanning between $60 and $160 per person.

Prove Yourself at the Most Challenging Wisconsin Golf Courses

7. Whistling Straits Golf Course

Whistling Straits
Photo Credit: Destination Kohler

Looking for a truly exclusive and high-end golfing experience in Wisconsin?

Fame precedes the Whistling Straits Golf Course, widely considered one of the most challenging and popular golf courses in the state.

The 36-hole links-style golf course is designed to closely resemble the iconic ocean viewing golf courses of Ireland. While Whistling Straits Golf Course does not face the ocean, it does stretch along the coast of Lake Michigan.

The scenery is extremely curated to get that UK/Ireland feel in every detail, with the rolling hills being interrupted sometimes by green cliffs, stone bridges, dunes, and even a genuine Scottish Blackface sheep flock.

With a 77.2 course rate and 152 slopes, the course is not only known for its beauty, but also for being one of the most challenging golf courses in Wisconsin.

The Whistling Straits course is open to the public, but this does not make it any less upscale, with daily rates for tee time starting at $630 per person.

3-Day Golfing experience at the Sand Valley Resort

Sand Valley Resort Golf Course

If you’re in the mood for a long golfing weekend, book your spot at the Sand Valley Resort and spend three days between the three golf courses: Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes, and the Sandbox.

The resort offers a wide choice of accommodations, from lodge rooms to comfortable cottages for large groups, to elegant suites.

And when you’re tired of golfing, the Sand Valley Resort has so much more to offer. Tennis courts, nature-immersed hiking trails, and water activities in the lake are available and can make for a lovely afternoon.

Day 1: Sand Valley

Framed by the central Wisconsin millenary dunes, Sand Valley is a 6-hole loop golf course both rich in history, nature, and fun to play. Rates for the Sand Valley course can go from $87 to $175.

Day 2: Mammoth Dunes

On the second day of your golfing retreat, hit the Mammoth Dunes course. Characterized by wide fairways and accessible greens, Mammoth Dunes strike as impressive for both course layout and natural surroundings.

Day 3: The SandBox

Conclude your stay at the Sand Valley Resort with a day at the Sandbox course. A short 17-hole course nestled in the signature sandy dunes of the region.

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