20 of the Most Remarkable American Mansions

Mansions are indeed fascinating, especially to most of us who are outsiders to the opulent lifestyle they represent. But more than wealth and luxury, each of these mansions have their own unique stories and secrets; sometimes mundane and sometimes scandalous. If the mansions’ stories don’t fascinate you, their size, grandeur, and design would. In today’s … Continue Reading

12 Fun Things To Do In New Orleans For Couples

New Orleans is a city where old-world charm meets modern innovation and undoubtedly has so much to offer to locals and tourists alike. World-class dining, entertainment, and sights await the average tourist and provide an excellent backdrop to a romantic getaway. In fact, New Orleans is a popular place to elope, with many venues, hotels, … Continue Reading

Here Are The Best Things to Do in Louisiana

Louisiana is a cultural melting pot, with races and nationalities all over the world mingling in one picturesque location. French, Spanish, Creole, French Canadian, West Indian, Cajun, African American, and American Southern influences are all evident in the language and accents, music, cuisine, culture, and architecture that persists in modern-day Louisiana. Superimpose this hybrid heritage … Continue Reading

10 Most Haunted Places in America

With Halloween just around the corner and a couple of long-weekend holidays ahead, there’s no better time to explore the most haunted places in America. Below, I’ll list 10 of the most haunted places in America, followed by 5 ghost towns you might be interested in: The 10 Most Haunted Places in America 1. Eastern … Continue Reading

The Best Way to Drive the Great River Road

The Great River Road is a fantastic road trip that takes you on a winding trip from Minnesota all the way to Louisiana. This good, old-fashioned road trip is dotted with everything from scenic rivers, quaint little towns, historic attractions, a multitude of scenic landscapes and a lot more. The Mississipi River is likely the … Continue Reading

Top 25 Most Famous Bridges in the US

Golden Gate Bridge

As of 2019, there are 616,087 bridges in America so narrowing down the most famous bridges in the US was a bit of a challenge. While almost half of them need repair, replacement or major rehab, many American bridges are still passable and remain some of the most majestic and breath-taking bridges you’ll ever see … Continue Reading